Contex Energy represents the world leading manufacturers of district heating, oil and gas
The sales program includes equipment for industry, oil and gas, district heating, gas and oil
pipelines, such as: ball valves, butterfly valves, non-return valves, isolating joints and flanges,
safety valves, pre-insulated steel pipes of all dimensions, etc.


MSA a.s. is a company with a long tradition of manufacturing industrial valves.
MSA, a.s. manufactures a wide assortment of ball valves, gate valves, check valves, globe valves
and special valves for nuclear power plants, in accordance with the standards of ČSN, API,
Valves are used in oil transportation and processing, natural gas transport, distribution and
processing and nuclear and conventional power generation.


Umran is an eminent and leading pipe manufacturer with its headquarters and production plant in
Turkey. Umran offers a very wide range of products necessary for the construction of gas and oil
pipelines, such as spirally welded and longitudinally welded steel pre-insulated, as well as
uninsulated pipes (HFW, HFI, ERW, SAWH, SAWL) of various diameters and materials all
according to the requirements of end users.


JC is a company based in Spain that has more than 50 years of experience in the production of
ball valves. In addition to ball valves, the company also offers non-return valves, shut-off valves,
check valves, as well as special valves for use in oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, and in
the industry according to DIN and ANSI standards. Over time, the company became part of the
large TTV-JC Valve Group.


The Burçelik valve is part of the Burçelik A.Ş. which has over 50 years of experience. The the
long-term goal is to constantly improve product quality and better process optimization, both to
satisfy the wishes of each client quickly and efficiently. Burçelik valve is engaged in the
production of various types of valves for applications in the oil and gas industry as well as in
chemical and petrochemical industry. Burçelik offers various types of valves: Butterfly valves,
ball valves, check valves, control valves, non-return valves, etc.


Rotork is a company founded in Great Britain in the 1940s, and the production of actuators
began in the 1950s. The company is now engaged in the production of industrial equipment for
flow regulation, in the field of oil and gas, water and energy as well as in the chemical process
industry. In addition to electric and hydraulic actuators, product range also includes gearboxes,
instrumentation equipment and control as well as measuring equipment


CastFlow is one of the leading Spanish non-return valve manufacturers with many years of
proven quality experience. The product range includes two-disc non-return valves, ball non-
return valves, axial non-return valves as well as valves for use in pumping stations, for the
distribution of clean and wastewater and in the gas and oil industries.